ZZYZX, Zeromancer’s third studio album, may just be a collection of one dozen songs that would find themselves more at home on mainstream alternative radio then blasted through the dirty rumbling speakers of some underground goth club, a hint of this can already be seen as one of the tracks from the album rockets as high as number four on the European Dance/Alternative Charts. On ZZYZX, the coarse industrial tones have been sandblasted into tasty morsels of throbbing rhythm and melody, seasoned with an ample serving of terribly infectious pop hooks. Imagine a sonic stew with a healthy gothic rock/light industrial base, full of all the usual expected droning and swooping guitars, programmed drumbeats and gorgeous sonic landscapes, but also seasoned with a sprinkle of Brit-pop flavour only heavier, and finally stirred to perfection with some seriously sensual vocals courtesy of Alex M0klebust (whose voice is pure sex). No doubt, this is the exact recipe that will make certain factions of fans start screaming "sell-out” even as the records fly from the shelves. Zeromancer may be toying with pop sensibility on this latest effort but it pays off tenfold by delivering a tight, extremely listenable, danceable, and throbbing, lustful auditory treat.