Zero T / Various

Fabriclive 52

BY Yuri WuenschPublished Jul 25, 2010

Few genres of electronic music have had their death, and rebirth, exaggerated as often as drum & bass. It's a fact that has been exacerbated in recent years by many the junglist breaking ranks for the far trendier sounds of dubstep. That isn't a knock, per se. In fact, on Zero T's instalment of Fabriclive, there are flashes of darker, more bass-laden fare: see the Exemen remix of Sia's "Little Man" or politically charged fare from Lynx & Chemo. Plumbing those depths never comes at the expense of the mix's rolling groove and broad range of styles, however. Zero T keeps things flowing over 29 tech-tinged, soulful, atmospheric tracks by the likes of Commix, Dillinja, Marcus Intalex and Calibre. Especially transcendent is Zero T's mix of Slam's "Positive Education," a techno classic originally released in 1993, proving that old horses can still run a few furlongs after all.

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