Zero 7 Simple Things Remixes

Deemed a remix album, Simple Things Remixes should be treated more as a single for there's a mere five tracks being served and only four cuts from Simple Things represented. The producers stepping up to the plate to tinker with Zero 7's songs are heavy-hitters - Richard Dorfmeister, Photek, Roni Size and Madlib. Roni Size does a massive overhaul on "End Theme" and churns out a pulsating jungle explosion that shakes up the down-tempo and lounge blueprint that Zero 7 initiated. Madlib dons his Yesterday's New Quintet cap to rework "Distractions" and takes top honours for the best cut of the bunch. Keeping with Zero 7's vision, Madlib pieces together a loose beat interpretation and weaves Sia Furler's lyrics into his groove-injected composition. The big disappointment lies in Photek, who continues to pursue an audience in the club scene and spits out a boring house version of the otherwise stunning "Destiny." Not only is the remix a flop, but it's another step further away from Photek's once-amazing and signature drum & bass sound. Simple Things Remixes is a nice little gesture but it would have been nicer had it been at least twice as long and more diverse. (Quango)