Zbigniew Karkowski & Atsuko Nojiri Continuity

Poland-bred and Tokyo-based sound manipulator Zbigniew Karkowski has studied with some of the more prominent masters of the avant-garde: Xenakis, Messiaen and Boulez are just a few names on his roster of mentors. His diverse body of work includes acoustic and electro acoustic composition, chamber music, opera and heavily processed noise. Continuity showcases Karkowski's studio wizardry across a massive CD/DVD set. "Float," the lead piece from the DVD, is a mutated acoustic composition. Its droning, amorphous nature stands alone while also providing source material for two noisescapes included later in the collection. Jarring bass drum stabs on "Tritonal Rapture" punctuate an otherwise beat-free sound world. Three tracks are raging noise pieces, sliced and diced beyond recognition. The accompanying trio of video compositions by Japanese artist Atsuko Nojiri serve both to complement and to extend the audio works. Nojiri's relatively staid imagery is surprisingly powerful when juxtaposed with Karkowski's brazen sound sculptures. (Asphodel)