Yves Jarvis Shares Chad VanGaalen-Helmed Video for New Song "Prism Through Which I Perceive"

"Mandatory prism sentence…I calibrate and blitz forthwith"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Feb 8, 2022

Prolific psych-experimentalist Yves Jarvis has shared a video for new song "Prism Through With I Perceive."

The video was animated by Chad VanGaalen, and it's a wiggly, wonderful jolt of colour. The song itself clocks in at a minute long, a shaggy acoustic jam drenched in reverb. 

In a statement, Jarvis called the song a "mandatory prism sentence…I calibrate and blitz forthwith." About the video, VanGaalen said:

Quantum spellcheck guides the pen through this rhythmical visual. "Prism through which I perceive" a quote from a master chef, shrink wrapped in the wav file. Zoom in and zoom out but always zooming, always morphing. Evolution of endless thoughts and the language that is indeed creating reality as we know it. These shapes come from the song!!! It's me, CVG transposing the vibrations of YJ. Lucky to be able to put on this suit and walk for a bit.

So there you go! Check out the video below. 

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