Yume Bitsu Auspicious Winds

Weddings would be so much more worthwhile if Yume Bitsu's "The Wedding Procession" could blare over the rented hall. The arresting beauty and depth could help ease the guests into their seats, or the line-up at the bar, as the case might be. It's the first song on this five-song EP, but at 14 minutes long it only feels like six, and without the first chord being identifiable until about the four-minute mark, five will be all it takes. Lovely noise-scapes melding in and out of melody make up the bulk of the material. When they get the groove on, though, it's a psyche pop masterwork; that would be "Sharp, Twisted," song three. It's like Bardo Pond with a spine tingling chorus of GBV. Damn it, how can a song with one line be so good? Auspicious indeed. (K)