Yukihiro Takahashi Recruits James Iha for 'Life Anew,' Preps New Live CD/DVD Set

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 30, 2013

Yukihiro Takahashi is a true legend in the Japanese music world, having made a name for himself with groups including (but not limited to) Yellow Magic Orchestra, Beatniks and the Sadistic Mika Band. He's also a well-established solo artist with a hefty discography that's decades' deep, and he will add to that with his latest album Life Anew. Takahashi's new studio album will drop on July 17 in Japan, shortly after he releases an extensive new live set.

On Life Anew, Takahashi handles drums and vocals (as he did in Yellow Magic Orchestra). Among the guest contributors is onetime Smashing Pumpkins member James Iha, who contributed to a Takahashi tribute album called Red Diamond last year and now plays extensively on Life Anew. Also backing Takahashi are Gon dough Tomohiko, Kei Takakuwa and Hirohisa Horie.

As you could guess, while Takahashi has often explored electronic sounds, this album promises a full-band setup, with a selection of guitar, bass, horns and wind instruments, indicating what Takahashi calls "a new vision and direction" for him, influenced by '60s and '70s rock.

As for the live set, it's called One Fine Night - 60th Anniversary Live, and it will be arrive on June 26. This three-and-a-half-hour performance was recorded at Tokyo's Bunkamura Orchard Hall on December 22, 2012, and featured guests such as YMO's Haruomi Hosono, former collaborator Steve Jansen, Cornelius and Rei Ohara, among many others.

The set includes two DVDs or Blu-Ray discs and three CDs, plus a 160-page booklet. The 60th Anniversary referred to in the title is Takahashi's 60th birthday, which took place last year.

The lengthy tracklist for One Fine Night - 60th Anniversary Live is below.

While it's unlikely that either release will arrive domestically, both will be available as import through such sites as CD Japan.

One Fine Night - 60th Anniversary Live:

1. 世界中が I Love You

2. It's Gonna Work Out

3. Murdered by the Music

4. Radioactivist

5. Drip Dry Eyes

6. Now and Then

7. Stay Close

8. Still Walking to the Beat

9. My Bright Tomorrow

10. Disposable Love

11. 前兆(まえぶれ)

12. The Price to Pay

13. At Dawn

14. Laika

15. 元気ならうれしいね

16. Blue Moon Blue

17. The Words

18. In This Life

19. Chronograph

20. Stella

21. Ekot

22. Inevitable

23. Left Bank
24. ちょっとツラインダ
25. 1%の関係

26. X'mas Day in the Next Life

27. Glass / ガラス

28. Something in the Air / 予感

29. 今日の空 <アンコール>

30. Set Sail

31. Prayer of Gold <ダブルアンコール>

32. Sunset

33. Saravah!

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