Youthinasia E.P.

Sometimes band names alone don’t sound too promising and upon actually listening to Youthinasia’s music, that theory was proven correct. This six-song release is loaded with tight, radio-friendly pop punk. As each song brims with harmonies and major chords, it starts to sound a lot like all those other pop punk bands out there. The upside to this album is that this band has focused the subject matter beyond the whiny, teen-angst bedroom moaning that other bands of similar styles tend to gravitate towards. But this is only a small triumph because it’s impossible not to get caught up in the irony of "The Solution.” Here’s a song about the state of the music industry’s one hit wonder assembly line. E.P. sounds a lot like some chart-topping hits that we’ve all heard way too many times before. Thank goodness this recording clocks in at less than 17 minutes. (Independent)