Youth Fountain

Letters to Our Former Selves

BY Eva ZhuPublished Mar 20, 2019

When you think of Vancouver and music, pop punk isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Youth Fountain are looking to change that with 12 hard-hitting and catchy tracks on magnificent debut, Letters to Our Former Selves.
The thirty-second opener, "Helpless," is a great introduction; the bright guitar riff and gang vocals pair together to evoke a pensive, introspective mood that segues perfectly into the title track and doesn't let up until the album's over.
"Rose Coloured Glass" and "Complacent" stand out as prime examples of Youth Fountain's infectious songwriting, with the guitars on the former helping to drive every lyric home, while the drums on the latter provide a feeling of urgency that demands unwavering attention. Lyrically, every song feels personal and emotional, with lines like "What's worse than to say farewell / To a friend in a casket they made all by themselves?" cutting deep for anyone who has lost a friend.
While a couple songs on Letters to Our Former Selves don't quite hit their mark, Youth Fountain has achieved with their debut album what every band strives for: a record that will be listened to, spoken about and remembered fondly for years.
(Pure Noise Records)

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