Young Guv "Aquarian" (video)

Young Guv 'Aquarian' (video)
As a guitarist in Fucked Up, Ben Cook is known for kicking up a racket in sweaty rock clubs. With his new indie-pop project, Young Guv, he seems to be favouring slightly more lavish surroundings — at least, that's the impression we get from his new video for "Aquarian."

This song is a woozy, breathy mid-tempo number from the recent Ripe 4 Luv. The music sets a dreamy mood for footage of Cook and a friend loitering around outside a grand-looking home. He mostly hangs around the driveway and garden, but he also explores the grounds of the estate, and we get a quick look at the house's lavish interior.

Check out the clip below. Ripe 4 Luv is out now through Slumberland. Read Exclaim!'s recent interview with Cook here.