Young Galaxy Re-Team with Dan Lissvik for 'Falsework'

Young Galaxy Re-Team with Dan Lissvik for 'Falsework'
Young Galaxy's last two albums have been produced by Studio's Dan Lissvik, and now they're back for a third go-around. The resulting LP is called Falsework, and it will be out on October 30 through Paper Bag Records.

The album was made this past winter in the band's Montreal studio and in Lissvik's hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. It's apparently a continuation of the sound of the band's last couple of LPs (2011's Shapeshifting and 2013's Ultramarine), with a futuristic sound created from vintage instruments.

A press release says, "The album is undeniably synth pop without the simplicity and was informed and inspired by '80s electro, acid house and R&B, music that was well ahead of its time."

That's the album cover above and the tracklist below. A synth-y, computerized trailer can be seen at the bottom of the page. The album can be pre-ordered on vinyl or CD right here.


1. Wear Out the Ground
2. The Night Wants Us to Be Free
3. Factory Flaws
4. Body
5. Ready to Shine
6. Must Be Love
7. We're No Good
8. Little Wave
9. Lean into My Love
10. Pressure