Young Galaxy "Stay for Real"

Young Galaxy 'Stay for Real'
Nearly a year removed from asking "Were You Ever a Dreamer?," Young Galaxy are looking to face these uncertain times head on with "Stay for Real."

Steady and subdued in its approach, the song sees Catherine McCandless urge listeners to stay true to oneself. The group offered the following statement on the track:

We can no longer stand idly by and rely only on the people who shape the world for us culturally and politically. We must stay true to ourselves and feel the courage of our convictions in the face of polarizing political and personal views. But most of all, we must show empathy, compassion and love — even when faced with increasing existential threats, and fear and hostility. This song is a statement of intent, as we enter a new era, to hopefully serve as a reminder to ourselves of what our responsibilities are as artists in this troubled time.

Take in "Stay for Real" in the player below.