Young Galaxy Cover Your Tracks EP

Young Galaxy <i>Cover Your Tracks EP</i>
For their third full-length album, Montreal's Young Galaxy reinvented their sound with the help of producer Dan Lissvek, who makes up one half of Swedish experimental pop duo Studio. The chilly, electro-infused album came out last week, and the group have now unveiled a new remix EP to go along with it.

It features four different takes on Shapeshifting track "Cover Your Tracks." Fittingly, the collection is called Cover Your Tracks EP, and it features contributions from two of Canada's most prolific remixers: Teen Daze and CFCF. It also includes Toronto's Freedom or Death and Dunez.

Download the EP for free here.

Cover Your Tracks:

1. "Cover Your Tracks (Teen Daze Remix)"
2. "Cover Your Tracks (CFCF Remix)"
3. "Cover Your Tracks (Freedom or Death Remix)"
4. "Cover Your Tracks (Dunez Remix)"