Young Braised "Life is Good" (video)

Young Braised 'Life is Good' (video)
In case you're having kind of a crummy day, Vancouver hip-hop eccentric Young Braised is here to tell you that "Life Is Good." You can figure out why by watching the non-sequitur slinging MC's new video for the Japanese Tendencies track of the same name.

Backed by a beat of '80s-geared synth smoothness, Braised delivers his lines while riding a super-cool Segway down a scenic street, showing off sports cars at a dealership lot, or rhyming on rocks as sudsy waves slam their way out of the ocean. While he waxes nostalgically about the cast of Clueless or sets up bars about putting you and your crew on life support, we get equally idyllic shots of a kid totally fudging up a lay-up on a Nike-sponsored hoop, slow-mo shampoo commercial highlights and more.

It's an eyeful of oddness befitting Braised's bizarre wordplay, and you can take it all in down below.

Young Braised is set to play Vancouver's Kingsgate Mall on June 26 as part of artist Casey Wei's month-long series of programming at the shopping centre.