Young Antiques A Man, Not a Biography

Power pop bands have long pined for the respect acts like Big Star or more recently, the Replacements have received from fans and critics alike. Atlanta, GA's Young Antiques are no different, though they often get quite close to writing music comparable to their power pop ancestors. A Man, Not a Biography is an energetic album that benefits from its live-like sound. Concise pop songs are their profession and on their fourth LP, the Young Antiques have honed their skills to perfection. "Gotta Get Over You" is a song so filled with youthful attitude and sentiment that it would be hard to not instantly fall for it, and album highlight "Supermodel" is comfortably vintage; it sounds like it could have come from a Cheap Trick album. Some of the mellower tracks don't quite hold up to the raw attitude of their more upbeat work. But that's okay, since you can just put "Fucked Up in Public" on again and have a beer. A Man, Not a Biography is an album that rocks without pretension. (Two Sheds)