You Say Party! We Say Die! Hit the Floor

Hit the Floor comes barrelling at you in a hard-hitting haze of pounding, suffocatingly energised noise rock. Filled with unstoppable post-punk anthems, this Vancouver band’s debut is a brilliantly dark collection of spasmodic dance-inducing tracks. "Cold hands! Hot bodies!” sears with flaring synths and thrusting bass lines before getting deliriously feverish with all-or-nothing clap-alongs. YSP! continue to lose themselves in vicious concussive Casio overtures and deranged but highly danceable rhythms. "You Did It!” shows off the band’s playful nature with its pop-laden jerky style and a quirkiness that is reminiscent of Toronto’s DIY darlings Fox the Boombox. The final track, "Don’t Wait Up,” brings the energy down just enough to accent a bit of sentimentalism, again showing another side of the band’s personality. Hit the Floor brims with indulgent sounds, rich with clever lyrics and rhythmic fits and starts that make each song an explosion of exciting sounds. (Sound Document)