You Say Party Announce Indefinite Hiatus, Leave New Video as Parting Gift

You Say Party Announce Indefinite Hiatus, Leave New Video as Parting Gift
It appeared that You Say Party had entered a new stage of their career. Following the tragic loss of drummer Devon Clifford, the group returned with a new name and a new lineup. This wasn't enough, however, to keep the BC-based group together. In a new message posted on their official website, founding bassist Stephen O'Shea revealed that the band are going on indefinite hiatus.

You Say Party had been busy in recent months, as they went into the studio to work on new material back in the fall. The first hint that something was amiss came in January, when they pulled out of a planned tour with Young Galaxy due to singer Becky Ninkovic's alleged bronchitis.

Now, the band's future has been thrown into uncertainty. Read O'Shea message in full below:

Becky, Derek and I are announcing the immediate cease to activity as YSP.
Call it a hiatus.
Call it a break.
Call it whatever you want.  

It's been a hard year for us. Not a bad year. We've experienced wonderful support from people.

But you gotta listen to your body and your mind when it begins to revolt against what you think it is you have to do.  

So we're gonna stop for a while, and we're gonna work on who we are as people.   We know that everyone understands exactly why and where we're coming from.  

Thanks for the support over the years.
Special thanks to Robert and Al for their commitment over the last year
and to the team members we worked with over the last 7 years.  

Please enjoy this music video we made in Abbotsford last summer.  

Also, please support this Foundation set up in Devon's name:

Stephen O'Shea, You Say Party

The group are sending fans off with a parting gift: a music video for the track "Laura Palmer's Prom" from 2009's XXXX. Like the song's lyrics, the video is based on the classic David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks. It recreates the show by staging an imagined prom for character Laura Palmer (played by Ninkovic).

The video is dedicated to Clifford. Watch it below.