You Blew It!

Pioneer of Nothing

BY Peter SanfilippoPublished Jan 26, 2015

You Blew It! have unconditional love for late-'90s emo (going as far as describing their sound on Facebook as "1999"), a time when the e-word didn't have its Pete-Wentz-circa-2004-haircut-in-a-mall-foodcourt connotation. It's that passion that permeates Pioneer of Nothing. The EP's short ten minutes are a love letter to an era, perfectly fusing the polish and musicianship found on their sophomore record, Keep Doing What You're Doing with the American Football-esque ear for melody found on their debut record, Grow Up, Dude.
The release's three songs find the Florida quintet at their most dynamic; "Bedside Manor" and "Lanai" gracefully sweep from the delicate and soft to the jagged and distorted, and the subdued "Your Side" takes things down a step to a slow build of clean guitars and the distant rumble of cymbals. On top, each track is completed with appropriately emotive lyrics, from "Lanai," a defeated longing for a present quickly slipping into the past, to "Your Side," the sweetly nostalgic plea that closes the record. Though they may not be musical pioneers themselves, You Blew It! have found a sweet spot in their sound, seamlessly mixing their best elements into a solid EP that ends all too soon.
(Jade Tree)

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