Yoko K 12906

Laying in a bed of Neroli dreams, pastel coloured Japanese American producer/performer/songwriter Yoko Kami conducts the substance of the subconscious with confidence and precision. A truly meditative experience, Yoko’s music transcends the new age trappings of loon cries, indigenous instruments and water drops in favour of a much wider and more original sound palate, featuring, at the heart of it all, her own whispery sweet voice. Electronic beats, synths and acoustic instruments twist around one another and are inlaid with what sounds like field recordings, creating unbelievable otherworldly atmospheres. In "Mimi’s Heart Muted,” notes from an electric piano drip like water droplets off the leaves of mist soaked trees while violins emulate a soft breeze, gently bending the scene as Yoko’s voice becomes that of a fluttering butterfly. The cutesy "Blues of Grande Chai” shows Yoko’s playful nature; the dope hip-hop break punctuated by the lyrics, "I am trying to quit smoking” is simple, effective and funny. Similarly, "Study Japanese” is an entertaining and original take on traditional blues. There are a few house tracks on this album that are interesting enough but Yoko truly shines on the more ambiguous, nonsensical songs like "Hello Hello” and "pho.” Yoko K’s 012906 is brilliant atmospheric bliss. (Asahra)