Yip! Yip!

Two Kings of the Same Kingdom

BY Stephanie KalePublished Jan 23, 2008

Yip-Yip are Orlando, FL-based duo Brian Fraser and Jason Temple, who have obviously geeked out on making beats together. Two Kings is their fourth album. A few of their earlier releases were self-released. This is the music they play when shit’s going wrong in videogame world. Somebody’s princess is dying, for sure. The point of the entire album seems to be the chaotic and absurd; it sounds like happy hardcore playing on a Walkman that’s running out of batteries. Some simple Casio loops underlie doom-core beats and sinister synth melodies. "Humanly Wanderers” is one of the more melodic ditties, where the saxophone provides some softer lines against the pseudo-marching rhythms. Most of the songs, or rather, eruptions of sound, clock in around two minutes, so the album is just a short half-hour, then it’s game over.

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