BY Patrick CardenasPublished Mar 6, 2019

Ever since it was founded two years ago, the Jelly Bean Farm label has expanded on a specific brand of underground club music, which lies somewhere between Swamp 81's flavour of trippy, sub-bass-infused electro, and old school dubstep's dread-filled syncopation and minimalism.
Yilan's new five-track EP, Diaspora, fits nicely within the label's style and should sound familiar to those that have followed them during these last couple of years. Some will also recognize the dark and tense dystopian landscapes at play here, the kinds that have recently permeated underground electronic music across many genres.
The best tracks are those in which Yilan's loud, angular and metallic hi-hats and erratic percussive fills are put into full display. They render what would've been fairly generic tunes into dynamic club tools, despite their relatively slower tempos (slower compared to his previous work). "Fosbury Flop" truly comes alive when those sharp hi-hats crawl into the already-tense track, and "Devil's Breath" uses them beautifully to build tension, adding twisted synth stabs as it descends into a frenzy in the second drop.
But even something conventional like "Limbic System" is sure to make bodies move with its swerving bass line. "Bottleneck," a collaboration with Circular Jaw founder Foxmind, sees them dial down the tempo to the point where it becomes, in some way, a heavy and left-field dancehall riddim.
Diaspora is a strong release that continues both Yilan's and Jelly Bean Farm's consistent output, and any of its tracks should come as a nice surprise whenever they are played in a set to unsuspecting ravers.
(Jelly Bean Farm)

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