Yesterday's Ring + The Sainte Catherines vs. Us

Yesterday's Ring + The Sainte Catherines vs. Us
&hlAlright, so last Saturday night was kind of awesome. See, there's a girl who's mom has cancer, which sucks. She works for herself and doesn't have any benefits, which sucks more. What doesn't suck is that her daughter organized a truly awesome night of rock 'n' roll where all the bands played for free and over $1000 was raised for her family. Maybe not the biggest wad of cash, but not bad for a dirty punk show in an awesome DIY theatre space-cum-punk dive in Toronto's east end.

This was another night of Record-Breaking Toronto Snowstorms that those of us who live in Hogtown fear most. So just getting from the west end of the city to the east end was an adventure in itself. After having one or two Excited About The Show Let's Get Ready To Have A Great Time Beers!, we arrived at the venue, and probably had a few more Excited To Be At The Show Rye And Cokes!, before attempting to find Hugo and the rest of Yesterday's Ring, who had played earlier in the night at the couldn't-be-more-different Canadian Music Week. Meanwhile, some awesome hardcore bands played, some money was raised, and everyone had a great time.

Once Hugo Mudie, singer of Yesterday's Ring and the Sainte Catherines (one's country, one's punk, and it's basically all the same dudes) was located, the search for a suitable interview location began. Studio BLR, where the show was taking place, is part of a wierd loft-type complex, with a ton of weird rooms painted different colours. At one point, we opened a room and found some dude sleeping on a bed. He seemed annoyed, which is fair. When we finally settled into whatever poorly-lit hallway seemed like a good idea at the time (note the light behind Hugo), the greatest interview in the history of the world began with Justin Taylor from Junior Battles asking Hugo why he was faking a French accent.

The interview was amazing, and a little bit of a mess. At some point earlier in the evening, the wires connecting the camera to the microphone got loosened up, which is why the interview starts in the mangled way it does. Hugo handled our adorable ineptitude with class and grace, and, if I may say so, is probably one of the raddest, punk-est dudes ever. He also has a cool beard. I wish my beard was that punk.

Check out a real interview with Hugo here this Wednesday.

The Sainte Catherines "Ring of Fire = 4 Points"