Yellow Swans Going Places

Yellow Swans describe their music as "a constantly evolving mass of psychedelic noise that is both physically arresting and psychically liberating." And on this, their final release, they create vast, swirling masses of dense tones and shifting textures to prove that point. Much of the music on Going Places builds slowly, not climaxing, but purposefully saturating and enveloping constantly looping melodies, swallowing them up into walls of fuzzy, lurching electronics and blown out guitar while melodies just barely there pierce the noise. Waves of layers are added, as the saturation is used as another texture amongst the crackly, distorted tape loops and guitars that descend deep into masses of tones and rich washes of fuzz. Phrases are repeated at lengthy intervals, but always with others drifting over top and obscuring where everything begins and ends, almost as if they've been plucked from a sea of infinite progressions. Emerging from the forms explored, Yellow Swans reach a space of transcendence, attainting the psychically liberating part of their self-description and leaving a powerful final sonic testament in their wake. (Carpark)