YACHT's Claire L. Evans Co-Creates Book About Science and Art

YACHT's Claire L. Evans Co-Creates Book About Science and Art
The music world has no shortage of science nerds. For example, Bad Religion's Greg Graffin is an evolutionary biologist, while the Apples in Stereo's Robert Schneider invented a mind-controlled synth. We can count YACHT's Claire L. Evans among this group of geeks, as she has co-created a book about the intersection between art, science and technology.

The tome is called NA/SA: New Art/Science Affinities, and it features 60 different artists and art groups from around the world working in a variety of disciplines. Created and written in just ten days in a joint authoring process called "book sprint," the book explores what a press release calls "a culture of cross-disciplinary art-science tinkering that is only just emerging."

The project was spearheaded by Evans, along with curator Andrea Grover, art critic Régine Debatty, architect Pablo Garcia and design company Thumb Projects. NA/SA was published by Carnegie Mellon University's Miller Gallery and the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie-Mellon University, and includes "meditations, interviews, diagrams, letters and manifestos on maker culture, hacking, artist research, distributed creativity, technological and speculative design."

This is hardly the first time that Evans has written about science. She's a freelance science journalist, and even has a science blog called Universe.

If you feel like nerding out, you can purchase a hard copy of the book from Lulu.com, or download the full text for free right here.