YACHT See Mystery Lights On New Album

YACHT <i>See Mystery Lights</i> On New Album
YACHT, the project of former Blow producer Jona Bechtolt and partner Claire Evans, have announced all of the details for their hotly tipped new album, See Mystery Lights. The album, their first for the DFA imprint, will come out in late July.

In a press release, Bechtolt and Evans explained the concept a little, stating, "See Mystery Lights is inspired by the 'Mystery Lights,' an unexplained paranormal and optical phenomenon indigenous to triad sites around the world, including Marfa, Texas. In homage to this, the album art is printed with a holographic foil that renders the art ephemeral, susceptible to tricks of light. It is impossible to get a feeling for the effect without holding the actual album in your hand." While they can't show the hologram online, they have made a particularly stunning GIF of the art that can be viewed here.

They've also unveiled a new press photo that depicts the couple fully naked, aside from triangles covering their faces and nether regions. Addressing the prominence of triangles in their recent aesthetic choices, the band issued the following pamphlet.

See Mystery Lights tracklisting:

1. "Ring the Bell"
2. "The Afterlife"
3. "I'm in Love With a Ripper"
4. "It's Boring You Can Live Anywhere You Want"
5. "Psychic City (Voodoo City)"
6. "Summer Song"
7. "We Have All We've Ever Wanted"
8. "Don't Fight the Darkness"
9. "I'm in Love With a Ripper (Party Mix)"
10. "Psychic City (Version)"