YACHT "Where Does This Disco?" (original + Jerome LOL remix)

YACHT 'Where Does This Disco?' (original + Jerome LOL remix)
Los Angeles dance auteurs YACHT still haven't announced a proper follow-up to 2011's Shangri-La, but they do manage to keep cranking out interesting projects. Today, they're back with a new song called "Where Does This Disco?"

The track is deceptively minimal, built on drums, pianos and a fat, funky synth line. That said, there's plenty bubbling under the surface, and frontwoman Claire L. Evans offers some wonderfully timeless vocal runs. In fact, it's all around one of YACHT's best singles yet.

Listen to "Where Does This Disco?" below alongside a remix from Jerome LOL. Both songs are available digitally now via YACHT's own Downtown label.

The group have also promised that "a special edition object containing the song" will be available at the merch table on their upcoming tour.