Xero Fetus Victoria, British Columbia

Xero Fetus Victoria, British Columbia
Who are you?
Xero Fetus.

What are you up to?
Continually working with The Timekeeper in the art/noise/terror outfit BLUE ROSE TRIO and establishing my solo career.

Hometown and current HQ:
Victoria, BC.

Current Fixations:
NHL 2001 and Final Fantasy 8.

Mind Altering work of Art:
Painting: Michaelangelo's The Final Judgement.
Film: Robocop.

Most memorable gig and why:
Playing live on B.C. Parliment lawn with My Favourite Villain, for a pro-pot rally and getting kicked off after 6 songs because you could hear us all the way to Fort St. Or driving 150 some odd people on to the street during a (somewhat awful) BR3 gig for a 45 minute "smoke break" then, when we were done, the entire crowd came back inside to clap.

What should everyone shut up about:
Telling me how bad smoking is for me. Driving cars kills the earth but "you" still drive to work, don't you.

Greatest strength/weakness:
Strength: Spinach.
Weakness: Kryptonite.

Vital Daily Ritual:
Hot Knives.

Guilty Pleasure:
WWF Wrestling.

If I wasn't playing music I would be:

Most Memorable Day Job:
Off The Cuff. Johnson St. Victoria, BC (Free plug).

Best/worst advice ever recieved:
Pull Before Shooting

I would drop everything and play a benefit for:
Legal recreational drug use.

What makes you want to take it off an get it on:

Personal Trait you'd boot someone out of yr band/bed for and have you:
Lack of passion. Yes. (Same anwser both questions)

When I think of Canada I think of:
Muckluk wearing beavers in Mountie uniforms mushing Dogsleds.

Music and Sex. Is there a difference? Why?:
Carnal release is nothing when a show goes off without a hitch.

Strangest brush with celebrity:
Jim Rose picking one of my "Ho's" for Trent Reznor's after show escort at the Vancouver stop of 1994's Self-Destruction tour.

What does my mom wish I was doing instead:
I don't know. I was to busy playing to listen to her.