Wyrd Visions Half-Eaten Guitar

This band name actually is quite apt, as there is a definite skewed and inspired take on the music here, although one that is laced with a quiet intensity. The trappings of writing about music do mean that some similarities have to be pointed out, yet to do so might detract from the wondrous individuality that Wyrd Visions conjures. Thus, to compare him to similar sounding bands like Six Organs of Admittance and Wooden Wand would be accurate in the way that those bands are just as dedicated to their inner monologues. To even include this effort in the pop section feels a little unnatural, but Half-Eaten Guitar is more committed to melody than the latter artists, with only his foray into electric guitar in "Air-Conditioning” coming close to shrinking away from the earlier songs. Actually, the best song here is the one that embraces some pop ideas, like harmonies. "Freezing Moon” comes close to something that Akron/Family may inspire in a more introspective mood, and Jennifer Castle’s gorgeous counterpoint makes this a proper centrepiece. Though sometimes too slow for its own effectiveness, the ideas here brim with confidence and talent. Get on the bandwagon while you can. (Bluefog)