Conceived of in post-Soviet countries and born of an interest in reflecting the struggles faced by those in creative fields (with opposing viewpoints than those of the government), WWWINGS and the shared experiences of its members (Lit Internet, Lit Eyne and Lit Daw) are expressed in their album, PHOENIXXX.
It would be easy to dismiss the release as noise, an agitating collection of discordant sounds, but while PHOENIXXX is unsettled and unsettling, that's reflective of its industrial and dystopian bent; it's an interesting auditory tour of pockets of life in post-Soviet states. Rather than offer coherent, cohesive works, WWWINGS give their listeners suggestions or implications of what their tracks encompass through amalgamated, compressed, layered noises and sounds: bullets whizzing past, glass shattering, explosions, the clang of a cash register or hollow ring of a bell.
PHOENIXXX is a difficult listen, abrasive and angry, but it's expressive and worthwhile if you can manage to make it through.