WTF: Ministry Change Album Title to 'Whole Lotta Glove'?

WTF: Ministry Change Album Title to 'Whole Lotta Glove'?
Earlier this week, The Onion's A.V. Club posted a story mocking the title and artwork of Ministry's farewell album, From Beer to Eternity. The article compared the cover image, which shows frontman Al Jourgensen capturing a group of nude women in a net, to Spinal Tap's Smell the Glove. Now, Ministry have responded to the criticism by allegedly changing the title to, uh, Whole Lotta Glove.

You're probably confused — we are too. We're not entirely sure if this is real or a joke, but the new title was revealed in a Facebook post.

The post reads, "Ministry has hired Al Jourgensen's 12-year-old nephew to re-design the cover art and also changed the title of the upcoming Ministry release. Production in Germany on the previous title and artwork was called to a halt at 7:00 am GST on June 19, 2013… The industrial metal godfather has been forced to reconsider his evil tongue-in-cheek ways and has reeled it back in."

The image above is supposedly the new cover art. We're guessing that the hand belongs to Jourgensen.

From Beer to Eternity Whole Lotta Glove is scheduled to arrive on September 6 through 13th Planet. We'll have to see if this new name sticks, or if it all turns out to be a silly joke — although, to be frank, the package is no less ridiculous than the old one.

UPDATE: As we expected, Ministry is just having a bit of fun, their publicist has confirmed. Expect From Beer to Eternity to arrive in its original form on September 6.

And as one clever Facebook commenter pointed out, the name From Beer to Eternity is actually already taken.