'She Walks, She Creeps' (album stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Oct 25, 2016

Hamilton noise outfit WTCHS delivered their It's Not a Cross, It's a Curse! EP a couple years back, and they're finally ready to follow it up with a full-length effort titled She Walks, She Creeps.
The record took two years to make and arrives after a recording process that saw an entirely other album get totally scrapped in favour of longer songs with "more noise." There were lineup shuffles too, but now the five-piece are set to showcase the final product.
"She Walks, She Creeps forced us to look inside ourselves, to push ourselves in a direction we had always envisioned but didn't quite know how to execute in the beginning," the band tells Exclaim! "Recording this record become our therapy. We didn't care about how long or when it was going to be finished. The urgency, the chaos amongst the songs are real. It was our anxieties, our demons that sit amongst the endless layers of frenzied guitars, using suitcases for drums at times, mellotrons, and a brass section to create something that was boiling on the surface. It's like we were given a second chance, a much needed change to bring an ounce of peace to our aching, tortured souls."
You can hear that all get channelled into the songs on She Walks, She Creeps by giving the album an advanced listen below. It's officially out on October 28 via Sonic Unyon.

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