Wrong Hole "What is a Car?" (lyric video)

Wrong Hole 'What is a Car?' (lyric video)
Made up of Brutal Knights frontman Nick Flanagan, the Deadly Snakes' Andrew Moszynski and Teenanger's Jon Schouten, Toronto's Wrong Hole recently released their brain-blasting debut album 2012. If you're still not sold on them, watch a lyric video for the song "What is a Car?" now.

Created by Flanagan, the video cobbles together Google Image Search results related to the song. It's a simple yet hilarious slideshow that works well alongside Flanagan's absurdist, automobile-related existentialism.

Watch the video for "What is a Car?" below now, and pick up your copy of 2012 now via Pleasence in North America and P. Trash/Cut the Cord/Prugelprinz worldwide.