Wrong Hole "HDTV" (lyric video)

Wrong Hole 'HDTV' (lyric video)
After having melted out minds with a weird lyric video behind "What Is a Car?", Toronto's Wrong Hole are back with another item-analyzing single, "HDTV."

While the trashy blast sends out salutes to deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs and Ernest Hemingway, vocalist Nick Flanagan sneers that the song really isn't about them or the internet, but "about having a nice screen." As for the visuals, a whirlwind of broken TV screens and A/V inputs are paired throughout the video with off-topic images of Macaulay Culkin- and Munsch-styled paintings or promo pics of A Perfect Circle. You'll find the pixel-praising clip down below.

Wrong Hole's 2012 LP is out now via Pleasence in North America and P. Trash/Cut the Cord/Prugelprinz.