Wrecked Beach's 'Eye Tide' Is a Fitting Soundtrack for Vancouver's Clothing-Optional Party Spot

BY Francis BaptistePublished May 1, 2020

In December of 2018, the Vancouver-based five-piece rock group Wrecked Beach released their debut EP, a brief three-song introduction to the group's psychedelic brand of garage rock. Since then they've released two singles, "Lost in Thought" and "Strangers," both recorded by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds in New Westminster. All the while, they've played regular gigs around town in Vancouver, honing their live skills and perfecting their sound and chemistry while working on their first full-length album.

After a year of firsts, the group's full-length debut, Eye Tide, is finally ready, and it follows the trend of continual improvement they set in 2019. Songs like "Fade" and "Up All Night" showcase their ability to write memorable and moody melodies that are lifted by solid grooves.

Overall, it's exactly the kind of music you'd expect from a band whose name is a nod to Vancouver's favourite clothing-optional party spot, Wreck Beach. If there were ever a band that embodied the spirit of doing drugs naked on a beautiful, sunny beach while peering out at blue skies, Wrecked Beach is it. Songs like "Daydream" lift the listener onto a carefree breeze of simple and enjoyable grooves. It's a solid debut from a band who has been working fervently toward this release since their inception.

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