The WPP He Has the Technology

Busy riffs, anomalous beats and a playful attitude are only scratching the surface of the far-reaching dynamic of the WPP. They have the melodic rock edge of At the Drive-In, the spastic, indie sensibility of the Red Light Sting, and the post-punk dance grooves of the Blood Brothers. The guitars jubilantly parade through up-tempo, eccentric and anxious riffs and there is a capricious yet calculated approach to structure. At times, the songs play through like a story, at others, like the demented thoughts of a child suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. They experiment with a number of different sounds to add texture to their music, the most prominent being the vocal madness that characterises this record. Combining several different voices for a particularly cunning arrangement, call and answer is favoured and the numerous gang vocal moments are a boisterous addition to the music. Their erratic nature is balanced with a number of drawn out melodies, but the memorable hooks are short and sweet. He Has the Technology is the kind of record you can find something new and interesting in every listen. (Satellite City)