Woolworm "Heathen Too"

Woolworm 'Heathen Too'
Sometime this fall, self-described "blanket rock" band Woolworm will issue a split 7-inch with grimy Calgary pop-punk trio Grown-Ups. Until the record gets a solid street date via Debt Offensive, though, you can stream the Vancouver band's buzzy "Heathen Too" online.

Throughout the song, Woolworm laces jangly six-string chords and a breakneck backbeat around Giles Roy's chirping vocals, which seem to be about a pair whose outsider status keeps them forever entwined ("I would never run from you / Honey, I'm a heathen too").

You can sample the song down below.

The 7-inch is also set to feature another Woolworm original called "Very Well," while Grown-Ups (featuring Exclaim! contributor Josiah Hughes) will offer up "Pigpen" and "Walmart."