The Wooden Sky: "The Wooden Sky"

The Wooden Sky: 'The Wooden Sky'
The Wooden Sky are a band from Toronto. They're great. They used to be called Friday Morning's Regret. In about a month they head out on tour for the next small chunk of their lives. I hope they do very well.

This was actually shot month and months and months ago, back when (I think) it was still winter. That first massive snowstorm messed up a planned video shoot so in desperation I called a bunch of dudes and ladies I knew to see if they wanted to just play acoustic songs in my living room while I filmed it. The results were actually way cooler; the first video produced under this mandate was $100's haunting cover of Fucked Up's "Blaze of Glory". This is attempt no. 2, and I think it's just as powerful. This was all recorded in Gavin's (the tall guy who does most of the singing) living room, and he also mixed the audio you're hearing. So pretty. Like I said. Great band. Go watch them when they come to your town in, like, a day.

The Wooden Sky "When Lost at Sea"