The Wooden Sky "Let's Be Ready" (Pinball Sessions video)

The Wooden Sky 'Let's Be Ready' (Pinball Sessions video)
Toronto roots rock brigade the Wooden Sky returned with their latest LP Lets Be Ready last year via Chelsea Records, and now the title track has been given some special treatment, courtesy of the Guelph-based recording wizards that run Pinball Sessions.
The latest session sees the band take on the most recent album's title track, with frontman Gavin Gardiner delivering a gorgeous, restrained rendition of "Let's Be Ready." Armed with just his plaid shirt, acoustic guitar and deep, twangy voice, Gardiner shines solo with his ode to Memphis.
You can catch the full band live with their Toronto roots rock brethren the Sadies on February 27 at Call the Office in London, ON. If you want to watch the rest of the band's Pinball Session, you can do so over here. For now, though, check out the soulful solo take on "Let's Be Ready" below.