The Wooden Sky 'Grace on a Hill' Pt. 1: "Bald, Naked and Red" (video)

The Wooden Sky 'Grace on a Hill' Pt. 1: 'Bald, Naked and Red' (video)
Toronto roots rockers the Wooden Sky release their third LP Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun today (February 28) via Black Box Recordings and have revealed the first video in a new five-part series.

The Grace on a Hill series takes a cinematic approach to the folk outfit's new material. The footage was filmed at Toronto's Grace on the Hill church by director Scott Cudmore. In this first instalment, the band perform "Bald, Naked and Red," though it's not a standard performance clip.

Blending narrative film with the live music, Cudmore explained, "the songs are the centrepiece and are performed live while the narrative is the backdrop instead of the other way around."

Watch the first instalment of Grace on a Hill below courtesy of Interview Magazine.