Women in Tragedy Dark Passenger

Are noise artists chronic workaholics or do they simply record and release every mundane bleep that leaves their mixers? The consistently maturing output from Toronto, ON’s Bob McCully, the one-man noise machine behind Women in Tragedy, points to the former. Dark Passenger, the second vinyl-only Women in Tragedy release, is his latest missive. Over its four lengthy tracks, Dark Passenger demonstrates an evolution in the Women in Tragedy sound, one that straddles the boundaries of noise, drone, rock, industrial and even pop. The proceedings are considerably more sinister than prior Women in Tragedy efforts, as the traditionally dense drone blasts are pared down to leave room for tension-filled tunefulness. With its lush arrangements and haunting vocals, Dark Passenger finds McCully taking a giant leap, venturing beyond the desolate world of noise. (GF Noise)