Woman Receives Oral Sex Onstage at Dead Kennedys Concert

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 19, 2015

A man and woman at a recent Dead Kennedys concert in California seemingly suggested they weren't "Too Drunk to Fuck," having got onstage and performed a sex act during the band's sold-out performance.

The incident occurred at the group's show at Solana Beach, CA venue the Belly Up Tavern last Thursday (January 15), with concertgoers reporting that a woman got up from the crowd during the Dead Kennedys' set and laid down at the front of the stage. A male concertgoer then proceeded to make his way over and performed oral sex on the fully exposed woman.

Photos of the incident have surfaced around the web, but the act was reportedly stopped rather quickly by security. The pair were then ejected from the venue, though not into the comfort of an, ahem, police truck.

As explained by ABC, the California criminal code says that the unidentified man and woman could face misdemeanour charges, but only if other concertgoers were "annoyed or offended." As of press time, no complaints have been made to police or Belly Up.

The venue released a statement, explaining of their position: "Of course we don't condone this activity in our establishment and security stopped it right away. This is certainly a first for us."

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