Wolfsheim Spectators

Spectators A wonderful North American debut release by German synth-pop outfit Wolfsheim. They've been around for over a decade but thanks to Metropolis Records, they're now getting the exposure over here that they so greatly deserve. The 11 songs on Spectators are filled with simple, clean, synth-laden melodies and catchy beats. At times, one is reminded of Violator-era Depeche Mode, with orchestral moments of electronic perfection. There is a distinct retro feel to this CD as well. This is the kind of fun pop music born out of the '80s that has nothing to do with manufactured groups or clichéd formulas. These are the sounds that old-school electro-pop music fans will cherish. Fans of Alphaville will especially adore this CD. There are those definite instances of total German-ness that will forever give our Eastern European brooders the blue ribbon when it comes to this type of music. (They even treat us to one track in their mother tongue). Lyrically, the songs are uncomplicated; they tell simple tales of love and hurt, of desire and despair, and all in a vocal style so seductive it hurts just to listen. If you were to buy just one synth pop CD this season, make it Spectator (Metropolis)