Wolfnote Si! (Yes) Si! (Yes) Si! (Yes)

With a new vocalist, a just completed Canadian tour and an annoyingly titled EP, Edmonton, AB’s the Wolfnote are here to once again get asses shaking in the mosh pit. Following up on their excellent Dancing To Rhythm EP, the Wolfnote refine their sound to a fine grind, one that treads a similar path to sonic mavericks the Blood Brothers, with spastic, jagged riffs, screamed vocals with a cool cachet, a loose but tight complexity mixing punk, hardcore and rock to engineer a form of danceable havoc that is still loosely based in the hardcore underground, with more and more bands incorporating elements of this style. Of course, the Wolfnote do it superbly, never faltering on this five-song EP, which also shares similar sonic hot pants with the International Noise Conspiracy/Refused school of cool. There’s some organ and some more of the female vocal trade-offs that adds distinction, and when they want to rock out hard, the end of "If You Want To Live, Call 911,” there’s no stopping them, even as they incorporate more moods and tempo shifts, alleviating the cacphony with better songwriting. (Independent)