Wolfgang Voigt Reveals Massive GAS Box Set

Wolfgang Voigt Reveals Massive GAS Box Set
Wolfgang Voigt's releases under his GAS moniker have been hailed as high water marks for not only himself but electronic music as a whole, and now the Kompakt label boss is set to take a comprehensive look back at his work with an immense box set arriving this fall.

Titled GAS BOX, the collection will feature 10 LPs and four CDs, housed in one box alongside an art-print book featuring previously unreleased GAS artwork. The box will feature the four "core" GAS albums: Zauberberg, Königsforst, Pop and Oktember. While Oktember will stand as a single-vinyl release the others will be three-LP pressings featuring edits never before released on vinyl, with a press release promising "extended playtime and superior sound quality... the way they were intended to be heard." Each album will also be collected on CD.

All albums included in the box have been long out of print, with original pressings going for hundreds of Canadian dollars on sites such as Discogs.

The label states: "Following the much-acclaimed (and out-of-print) retrospective Nah Und Fern from 2008, Kompakt has decided that it's high time for a reissue that features the core GAS albums originally released by the legendary Mille Plateaux imprint in the 90s — the records that introduced the projectʼs trademark sound between Schönberg and Kraftwerk, Wagner and the bassdrum, an endless march through the underwoods of an imaginary, mist and into the disco."

GAS BOX will arrive on October 28 via Kompakt. The box also coincides with the 20th anniversary of Zauberberg's release.


1/A. Zauberberg 1
2/B. Zauberberg 2
3/C. Zauberberg 3
4/D1. Zauberberg 4
5/D2. Zauberberg 5
6/E. Zauberberg 6
7/F. Zauberberg 7


1/A. Koenigsforst 1
2/B. Koenigsforst 2
3/C1. Koenigsforst 3
4/C2. Koenigsforst 4
5/D. Koenigsforst 5
6/E. Koenigsforst 6
7/F1. Koenigsforst 7
8/F2. Koenigsforst 8


1/A1. Pop 1
2/A2. Pop 2
3/B. Pop 3
4/C. Pop 4
5/D. Pop 5
6/E. Pop 6
7/F. Pop 7


1/A. Tal 90
2/B. Oktember