Wolfgang Voigt Gets Set for "Wild Piano Music"

Wolfgang Voigt Gets Set for 'Wild Piano Music'
Earlier this year, we reported that Wolfgang Voigt's minimalist record label Profan would be returning with two new releases. Voigt, who also runs the legendary minimal techno imprint Kompakt, started Profan to showcase a different side of his experimental nature. The label hibernated for most of the 2000s, dropping only one release. Then, in February, Voigt resurrected it with a new EP from his SOG project.

 We initially thought that Profan's second release would be called Werkschau. Instead, he's dropping record under his full name called Freiland Klaviermusik. The album shares a title with an EP Voigt released in 2008, and translates to "wild piano music." Both the new album and its shorter predecessor were inspired by the work of composer Conlon Nancarrow, the 20th century composer who wrote for the player piano because his work was too difficult for human beings to perform.

To cut and paste a little from the press release, "It's once again Voigt's effort to find a musical structure that eliminates the boundary between freely-improvised 'virtuosic' music and fine-incremental sequencing of a computer matrix. In Voigt's Freiland project there is one underlying theme; one single sound varied in many different ways surrounding the main idea of minimal-techno music: the four-to-the floor bass drum. In this case, it's a synthetic piano, which moves between rhythmic and abstract, between deliberateness and coincidence, within a somewhat predefined structure."

Freiland Klaviermusik will be released by Profan on June 8.

Freiland Klaviermusik:

1. "Alleingang"

2. "Zimmer"

3. "Feld"

4. "Geduld"

5. "Schweres Wasser"

6. "Brücke"

7. "Kammer"

8. "Mondlicht"

9. "Dunkler Weg"

10. "Verwandlung"

11. "Mecha"

12. "Symbol"

13. "Silberg"