Wolfgang Voigt Announces First GAS Album in 17 Years

Wolfgang Voigt Announces First GAS Album in 17 Years
Wolfgang Voigt recently looked back on his work as GAS with a monstrous career-spanning box set last year, and he's now set to write a new chapter under his esteemed musical moniker with a new record this year. Titled Narkopop, Voigt's first LP as GAS in 17 years arrives April 21 through Kompakt.

Ten tracks in length, Narkopop is said to take listeners "on an otherworldly journey with the very first sounds, drawing him or her into an impervious sonic thicket, down to the depths of rapture and reverie. From wafts of dense symphonic mist emerges a floating and whirling feeling of weightlessness, before the listener steps into an eerily beautiful forest of fantasy, pulled in by the allure of a narcotic bass drum."

A press release notes that while Voigt's earlier work as Gas focused on looping techniques, Narkopop unfolds "in a more entwined manner," making mention of contradictory dynamics and stylistic aspects such as "harmonious and atonal, concrete and abstract, light and heavy, near and far."

Pre-orders for 3xLP, digital and CD editions are available here. Read through the tracklist to watch a trailer for the record below.


1. Narkopop 1 
2. Narkopop 2
3. Narkopop 3
4. Narkopop 4
5. Narkopop 5 
6. Narkopop 6
7. Narkopop 7
8. Narkopop 8 
9. Narkopop 9
10. Narkopop10