Wolf Parade Announce Indefinite Hiatus

Wolf Parade Announce Indefinite Hiatus
Considering their membership bounces around from project to project all the time, it's tough to say how serious we should take this, but Montreal indie rock heroes Wolf Parade have announced that they're going on an indefinite hiatus.

At a Toronto gig last Friday (November 26), which served as the last date of a North American tour supporting the group's latest disc Expo 86, the band's Spencer Krug told the crowd, "This is the last show we'll play for a long time." Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner followed this up by saying, "This is the last song we'll ever play," later in the weekend confirming to the Wolf Parade fansite that the band would indeed be taking an "indefinite hiatus."

An interview with Boeckner and drummer Arlen Thompson up at Spinner confirms the Wolf Parade vaycay, but that doesn't mean the band are done.

"We've been going at it pretty hard for the last year, so it's time to take a rest," Thompson said.

Pitchfork also reports that Wolf Parade's label Sub Pop has confirmed the hiatus.

Despite taking time off from the project, the drummer and Boeckner will be getting together in the studio to record the third Handsome Furs disc. It's unclear whether Thompson will perform on the record or whether he will stick to his role as the group's producer, as with 2009's Face Control.

"Arlen and I and Alexi [Perry] are actually getting together in January to make a new Handsome Furs record so it's not like we won't see each other," Boeckner told Spinner. "I'm actually going on tour immediately after this; the Furs are going on tour in Eastern Europe right away."

While it's too early to tell, considering Wolf Parade's previous sabbaticals, there's a good chance the group will come back someday. Maybe just wait until after the next Sunset Rubdown or Johnny and the Moon record for something to get them going.