Wives Erect the Youth Problem

This Los Angeles trio completely destroys the tired stereotype of sunny So-Cal punk. Wives pump out a lot of nicely distorted, sometimes dark, fast songs that sound a lot like what’s been coming out of New York City’s underground with bands like Red Card. And when 14 tracks add up to a grand total of only about 27 minutes, you know it’s going to be a serious album. This is the first full-length release for Wives, and though there is a certain degree of confidence in their music, it is done without pretension. This band has claimed to feel akin to the aesthetics of Lightning Bolt and Dischord bands, among others, and these comparisons are realistic and evident as this album plays out. There is a consistent level of noise here, but there’s also a lot of variety on these tracks, most of which are less than two minutes long. By combining a crossover in past and present sounds and aesthetics, along with an intense, united energy, Wives have put out a debut that reflects the vehemence of this band. (Cold Sweat)