Withdrawal "The 6th Psalm"

Withdrawal 'The 6th Psalm'
It's taken Winnipeg's Withdrawal over eight years from formation to release a full-length — long enough to earn them this "Is the Withdrawal Record out Yet?" site. Fortunately, with a late fall release date of Never, the drought is nearly over, and we've got some new material to tide you over.
"The 6th Psalm (i) Doom's Cast" and "The 6th Psalm (ii) in Never" together form the epic "The 6th Psalm," which the band called, "Basically the metallic hardcore equivalent to watching Terminator 1 & 2 back to back."

Although we're not exactly sure where Skynet ties in here — maybe it's excellent the label overlords at Escapist Records — the piece does have the destructive tendencies of the films' titular assassin. Of course, given the Holy Terror influence, some of that comes in the form of Integrity's occult metallic hardcore, but it's also tempered with Cleveland's other legends, Ringworm, as well as Slayer, All Out War and more.

The fact that that "The 6th Psalm" features guest vocals from Steve Muczynski of Michigan astronauts Hollow Earth only elevates the appeal further into the stratosphere.

Hear the premiere of "The 6th Psalm" below.

Never is expect out via Escapist Records late this fall.