Winnipeg's Super Duty Tough Work Sign to Next Door Records, Share New Single "First Strike"

It follows the art-rap collective's 2019 debut EP 'Studies in Grey'

Photo: Skye Spence

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 5, 2022

Super Duty Tough Work have their noses back to the grindstone: the Winnipeg-formed art-rap collective have officially signed to Next Door Records, sharing their first single for the label, "First Strike."

The new track follows the group's acclaimed debut EP, 2019's Studies in Grey. It's quintessential SDTW: bandleader Brendan Grey's effortless brushstroke bars about the intersection of art and consumerism, admonishing sloppiness from others above droning synths and an ominous drum beat signalling an even greater storm on the horizon.

"As far as the artwork/visualizer is concerned, we really just wanted to create our own reality," bandleader Grey explained in a release. "Kyle Rittenhouse is the embodiment of so many ideas and beliefs that we stand in direct opposition to. So in using his likeness, we're not just showing our dislike for him, we're using him as a stand in for that whole movement."

Grey added:

We believe that there are many levels to opposition and many different weapons available in this war. Art happens to be our discipline so we always attempt to use it to further our cause, and create the world that we would like to see, in this case, a world where "justice" is actually served. It's partially tongue in cheek, but it's also not. Like, we're not about to actually kidnap and waterboard anyone, even Kyle, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't like to. I mean, if the CIA can do it, why can't we? And if it's too much for you: it's just a joke. Can't you take a joke? Why is everyone so sensitive these days?

Watch the visualizer for "First Strike" below.


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